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IP Intercom with Peer To Peer protocol specially suitable for parking lots, schools, hospitals, airports, railway stations, glass factories, rolling mills and industrial plants

InterLAN is an IP intercom family that represents the benchmark in the intercom IP field and that uses exclusively the LAN, the WAN or any data network in order to transmit both voice and controls between the apparatuses; this solution offers solutions higly reliable and inexpensive for IP intercom systems that can be used profitably in parking lots, schools, hospitals, airports, railway stations, industrial plants (i.e. rolling mills or glass factories) and in all places where an Ethernet LAN is usually available and it can support an intercom IP system.

This IP intercom allows to communicate between users that need to have a talk quickly and reliably, even in critical situations, allowing at the same time a not expensive solution. On fact, the IP technology allows to connect this IP intercom over an existing LAN without installing complex and expensive network as happens for the analog apparatuses.

This is possible because this IP intercom uses a standard IP protocols and P2P (Peer To Peer) communication techniques that allow to share the LAN with any system over IP without mutual interferences between the apparatuses; consequently you can install these intercoms on an existing LAN jointly with any other IP apparatuses or softwares.

In addition, the use of the LAN and of the IP protocol allows to expand easily the intercom system in any moment simply by installing new IP intercoms with a different IP addressees on the LAN. The intercom over IP makes easy the installation and the servicing these intercom systems.

This intercom over IP uses a Media DSP that allowed us to develop high quality echo cancelling and anti-larsen software filters. Our intercom over IP are very reliable and easy to use equipments that can work in very critical conditions, even when you installed this IP intercom in places with high noise.
You can have many different IP intercoms each suitable to be used in a specific system that allow to have an IP intercom for indoor or outdoor areas, for industrial plant as well as for offices moreover you can have IP intercom in stainless steel for hard environments as marine areas or for public areas where it is necessary to use anti-vandal apparatues.
Finally all your communications needs can be solved with these IP intercom

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