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Emergency fire alarm in camping

Solutions for the activation of fire alarms in outdoor accommodation facilities
(camping, tourist villages, etc.)

To combat the danger of fire in campsites and open-air tourist accommodation ERMES developed a specific solution based on the installation of emergency call units specially suitable to be used for fire prevention. These emergency call units satisfy two of the main requirements that are necessary in such tupe of systems: the presence of a manual alarm button and an audible warning devices.

The requirements of a fire and acoustic alarm system in open air tourist accommodations
To have an efficient fire signalling system and sound alert in a campsite or other types of outdoor accommodation structure are of fundamental importance the following requirements:

  • A constantly monitored emergency reporting and management center must be provided.
  • Manual alarm devices must be installed every 80 meters and their activation must be centralized at the emergency reporting and management center
  • Provision shall be made for the installation of acoustic warning devices
  • In the emergency reporting and management center must be installed a signalling alarm device with that must have sound and light.
  • A control located at emergency reporting and management center must be provided to simultaneously activate all the acoustic warning devices
  • A public information system must be installed to enable announcements to be made which initiate the evacuation procedures
  • A backup power supply system shall be provided to ensure that the manual alarm and the warning devices operate for at least 30 minutes in the event of a main power failure

Field apparatuses
ERMES has a variety of devices that can be used for this purpose, but the HelpLAN-E.1PFS/P best meets the essential requirements for this type of systems.

It is an apparatus for wall or pole installation in a sturdy enclosure made in polyester added with glass with IP66 protection degree, therefore suitable for installation even outside in corrosive atmosphere such as near the sea. It has a large call button marked with the word SOS and it is supplied jointly with a red horn loudspeaker which acts as a sound warning device but also as a loudspeaker for the spread of announcements as PA system.

These Help Points are powered directly from the 110/230 Vac mains voltage, which can be supplied locally, and integrate a power supply system with buffer battery that ensures operation for at least half an hour in the absence of the main power supply.

The only additional connection necessary for the correct functioning of the Help Point is the ETHERNET network connection, by means of which the device is completely controlled by the apparatuses located at the central fixed monitoring station. The ETHERNET connection can be made in copper, fiber or even WiFi and in this regard it should be noted that this Help Point provides an auxiliary voltage output of 12V that can be used to power an external access point.

At the fixed garrison is installed an apparatus of centralization of signals from the field, this apparatus must meet two requirements of particular importance:

  • It must have a control activating all the audible warning devices simultaneously.
  • It must have an output for activating automatically an alarm warning panel (not included), which must be installed at the fixed presidium.

As a station for the fixed garrison is available a sturdy console in the table version with metal enclosure that receives emergency calls from the field, indicates the Help Point on which was pressed the alarm button and finally provides a command for the activation of the alarm warning panel with siren and flashing light with the words "Fire Alarm".
In addition, the console has a command that allows the operator to activate all the acoustic signaling devices associated with the Help Points installed in the field simultaneously.
Last but not least, this console has a section dedicated to supervise the efficiency of the ETHERNET network connection with the Help Points installed in the field and to report any malfunctions detected by the self-test that independently carries out each Help Point.

The system uses a Peer-To-Peer communication protocol and therefore does not need a server on which a management software must be installed or any other type of central unit ; in short, each Help Point is an autonomous and self-sufficient stand-alone terminal that connects and manages the LAN directly without the need for interfaces, auxiliary units or servers of any kind.

There are no special requirements for the ETHERNET network of communication between the apparatuses:it that can be made with any type of support copper, fiber, VDSL modem or WiFi access point for which the Help Points can provide 12 Vdc power supply. Moreover the network can be shared with any other systems previously installed or that you have in mind to install.

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