IP intercom
IP intercom

Special IP intercom for prisons, surgery rooms, clean rooms and emergency call

IP intercoms with special features that make them specially suitable to be used in the cell of prisons, in the surgery rooms, in the clean rooms and in emergency call systems

Special areas like the surgery rooms, the clean rooms or the cells of the prisons require special IP intercoms with characteristics that allow to adapt them to the specific requirements of these environments.
Even these IP intercoms use the VOIP techniques to transfer over the network the audio signals and those of the control data; they are IP native and they use a P2P protocol and therefore these systems are based exclusively on the use of stand-alone intercoms that are connected directly to the LAN and that work without the presence of a server or other central management unit!
The P2P protocol, thanks to the absence of central units for the management of the communications, provides high system reliability since it allows to obtain a system of the type server-less (with distributed intelligence) and not a system of the type client-server with intelligence concentrated in the unique central unit (server) as most of the systems available today.
These IP intercoms use the same protocol of all the other IP intercoms produced by ERMES and therefore you can use these intercoms with the apparatuses of the other families in the same system

The use of these IP intercoms, allows you to install, easily and quickly, the communication systems Over IP both if you need a system with few IP intercoms as well as if you need a system with a large number of apparatuses: you do not need to lay special cables to connect these apparatuses but what you need is only to connect each intercom to a standard ETHERNET network.
These IP intercoms can work on any type of LAN or WAN network, even as wireless intercoms by connecting them to a WiFi network, and you can configure them as selective intercoms as well as ring intercoms.

ERMES produces a range of emergency call pillars Over IP (emergency call boxes) that are suitable to be connected to standard LAN and that are available with audio/video communications or only with audio communication.

Thanks to these emergency call pillars Over IP, an user who is in a tight spot can contact in simple, rapid and efficient way the operator of an emergency room who can intervene quickly in order to furnish the most appropriate assistance that the user requires.

The emergency call boxes are been developed to be installed in areas with high presence of public where usually happen critical situations regarding the safety and the security as plazas and streets of city, parks, railway stations, stations of subway, bus-stops, sporting plants, university campus, highways, extra-urban roads and in all that cases where the presence of an emergency call box constitutes a deterrent that discourages the criminal actions as well as a concrete help.

The emergency call units use a Peer-to-Peer Protocol and they are connected exclusively via the LAN: each unit SOS is an independent and self-sufficient terminal that is connected to the LAN directly without the need for interfaces, auxiliary units or servers: both sound and management data are transferred by means of the LAN.

HelpLAN-E.1PF is the basic member of this family of emergency cal units; it is an audio IP emergency call box (SOS) suitable to be installed on walls surfaces; it is equipped with a call button that has large dimension in order to be easy to operate; moreover the button has an anti-vandal protection. It has 2 signalling led that facilitate shows the state of the apparatus and the enclosure has IP55 protection degree. This emergency call box is available also in aversion that has a CCTV camera inside the box in order to enforce a system with audio/video communication. (Click HERE for the leaflet).

This version of the EASY intercoms was specially designed to be used in the cells of the prisons. The general features of these IP intercoms are the same of all the intercoms of the EASY family inasmuch this apparatus uses the same electronic board and therefore it is fully compatible with all the apparatuses of this family.

The requisite that differentiates this device is the extraordinary sturdiness and the anti-vandal solutions that have been adopted in order to make it difficult to damage the apparatus.

The intercom uses a recessed box made in stainless on which are present two small anti-tear wings. The front panel is made in stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm and it is fastened to the recessed mounting box by means of tamper-proof screws with security head.

On the panel are placed the microphone, the speaker, the call button and a signalling LED. All these elements are particularly robust and protected against tampering attempts. This intercom answers all the features usually required for the intercoms installed in the prisons including the ability to pilot a signal lamp positioned outside the cell and activated by the call of prisoner.

This IP intercom has one call button and it allows to have talks between the prisoner and the operators, to carry out the hidden listening and to work as public address loudspeaker. (Click HERE for the leaflet).


This intercom of the EASY Series has been specially designed for use in rooms used for medical diagnostic activities, therapeutic, rehabilitative and surgical and particularly in the "patient area" that is, the volume in which a patient may come into contact, either intentionally or accidentally, with medical equipment, either directly or through other people.

The general features of these IP intercoms are the same of all the intercoms of the EASY family inasmuch this apparatus uses the same electronic board and therefore it is fully compatible with all the apparatuses of this family.

The main feature of this version is the high resistance to contamination, the ease ensured during cleaning and sterilization as well as the high resistance to disinfectants usually used in health care.

The front panel is made of aluminum with a thickness of 3mm suitably treated to ensure resistance to chemical agents and is fixed to the recessed box with a snap system with high mechanical resistance that, among other things, ensures a degree of protection IP66. The insulating film on the front panel protects the microphone, speaker, the combination keyboard and the LCD display and is made of a special material with antibacterial characteristics. (Click HERE for the leaflet)

The intercom InterLAN-EM-PP is fully integrated with the other apparatuses of the EASY range and when it is used in the hospitals and in the health care allows to realize:

  • the access control to restricted areas such as intensive care, the neonatal ward and the delivery room
  • the internal communications between the different departments and services also in conjunction with the nurse call system by integrating audio monitoring in patient rooms
  • the sound system also integrated the system to transmit alarm
  • the paging system for medical emergencies and other events

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