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IP intercom

ERMES is a leader in Over IP audio communication field based on apparatuses that interface directly to LAN networks and that use Peer-To-Peer communication and, therefore, do not require server or other central management system.
Today ERMES is a reference point for the IP audio communication market where it has introduced significant innovations that simplify the design, installation and maintenance of systems.

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The communication apparatuses that Ermes produces are applied in the following families of systems:
- Intercom systems
- Public Address systems
- Emegency call systems (SOS)

ERMES also manufactures a range of CCTV housings that includes aluminum housings with IP67 protection, AISI 316L stainless steel housings suitable to be used in marine or corrosive environments,housings cooled with water and/or air for use in industrial environments with high temperatures and ATEX housings for classified areas

Intercom Over IP for surgical room and cleanroom

ERMES produces an intercom suitable to be used on areas reserved for medical, therapeutic and surgical activities namely in the volume where a patient can come in contact, intentionally or accidentally, with medical equipment either directly or through other people.
Moreover ERMES produces intercoms suitable to be installed on the access gates to the wards, in the secretariats, in doctors' offices or outside in the parking lots or near the access to restricted areas in order to solve all the communication needs for these structures..
For large hospitals it is of particular interest the emergency system for elevators with Help Points that transmits the audio and the video and with T-Coil devices that make easy the use of the emergency call units to people who use hearing aid (more) .

Audio systems Over IP for parking lots

The numerous communication requirements that you can find in parking lot systems can be solved in simple way thanks to the communication systems Over IP developed by ERMES.
You can have an integrated system that manages the communication with the entry barriers, the automatic ticketing area as well as the emergency call units in the parking areas or inside the lifts.

Moreover you can manage public address system for the background music, the commercial advertisements or other announcements. These public address systems over IP can be managed locally by the security staff or remotely by a service center (more).

Intercom systems Over IP for prisons

The family of intercoms of the EASY serie includes an apparatus running vandal particularly suitable for use in the jail's cells. It's an intercom for flush mounting that has on the front panel a call button, a signalling LED, a microphone and a loudspeaker with protection grid.
The flush wall box is made of steel sheet with thickness 15/10 that has anti-tear fins while the front panel is made of stainless steel with thickness of 30/10 which is fixed to the wall box with tamper-proof screws. Thanks to the high sound quality, this intercom system can also be used for playing announcements as part of a public address system. Moreover the intercom has also a feature that lets you listen to environmental noise, if enabled in the programming phase of the system (more).

Public address systems Over IP

SoundLAN is the family of apparatuses Over IP developed by ERMES for the realization of sound diffusion systems that exploit only the connection network, LAN or WAN, for their connection and that thanks to Peer To Peer protocol used does not need to use servers or other control units.
Heart of the system are the audio gateways that connect directly to the network and incorporating an audio amplifier power up to 160 W that can drive directly a 100V audio line that connects the speakers. Moreover the system includes an audio gateway without power amplifier that has a 0dB output suitable to drive directly a power amplifier of an existing analog system that in such way can be controlled remotely.
The SondLAN system is suitable to be used in the production departments, warehouses, airports, ports, railway stations, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities (more).

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