IP intercom
IP intercom

Ring Intercom systems Over IP for industrial plants

A Ring IP intercom that joins the feature of an intercom with the features of a paging system.
This industrial IP intercom is usually used in glass plants, oil&gas plants and electrical power plants

The selective industrial IP intercom is not suitable to be used when the person with whom you want to talk usually is not in a fixed position but he move within the area served by the IP intercom system.
For these cases ERMES developed an industrial IP intercom system that adopts a different call strategy; this is the ring IP intercom.

The words "Ring intercom" refer to an old analog intercom system in which at least two phone cables were connected to all the intercoms in such way that these telephone lines were shared with all the devices; thank this type of connection, therefore, it was possible to make a conversation between two or more intercoms simply by connecting they on the same twisted pair.


Moreover, these intercoms had another omnibus line that was connected to the input of an audio amplifier, built-in on each intercom, and that was connected to one or more horn speakers.
Thank to this line, the user had the possibility to make announcements in the area covered by he intercom system in order to alert the person with which you wish to talk (pager feature).

Consequently, in a ring intercom system, in order to establish a conversation, it was necessary to operate in two steps.
First it was necessary to make an announcement by means of public address line so that to alert the required person that he must reach the nearest intercom and that he must connect it to the previously agreed omnibus line in order to allow the start of the talk. ERMES developed a ring IP intercom system that emulates the operational mode described above by using only the LAN to connect the intercoms.

Even in the ring intercom systems the IP intercoms use a Peer To Peer protocol and they drive directly the LAN without interfaces or any intermediate device; therefore the call and the subsequent conversation is controlled by the two intercoms directly, without the need of interfaces, servers or any other type of supervision unit.

In order to make the calls in "ring" operational mode, you can use both the hand-free intercoms and the intercoms with handset however the use of the intercoms with handset is preferable because such devices allow you to perform, as well as conversations between two apparatuses, even the talk between more intercoms in order to have a conference with many users.


Ring intercom system
installed in a glass factory

Basically, using the Ethernet network and the IP protocol, the system creates a virtual phone line that connect all the intercoms between which the conversation takes place.

Even when you use the intercoms in ring operational mode, there are no limits to the number of simultaneous conversations that can be made when you use different conversation lines; in fact, even in this case, the intercoms control the communication directly, without the intervention of other supervision apparatuses that can restrict the number of simultaneous conversations.

The call in ring mode as well as the call in selective mode is made by software entirely, consequently you can set an intercom in order to work in mixed mode; therefore the same apparatus can make selective calls toward certain intercoms and ring calls toward different intercoms.
The use of the IP intercoms and the full programmability of the system allow you to make IP intercom systems extremely flexible, by using existing Ethernet networks and without the need to lay complex and expensive cable networks used exclusively for this service.

In fact, thanks to the LAN and the IP address that uniquely identifies each intercom, this IP intercom can coexist with other systems dedicated to different services; this connection technology allows you to expand the system with new industrial IP intercoms by simply adding over the LAN new ring IP intercoms with new IP addresses.

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