IP intercom
IP intercom

Selective IP intercom for industry, transport and services

Selective IP Intercoms over LAN with IP protocol that allows to make direct calls between the intercoms ant to talk both in hands-free and with handset

In the Selective IP Intercom Systems each IP intercom can call directly another IP intercom installed in the system: therefore, if you wish to contact a person that is in a given place that you know, the IP intercom that you are using will send a connection request to the IP intercom installed near this place; you can start the connection request by means of a simple control as pressing a button or composing a code on a keyboard. Vice versa, when the person that you wish to contact isn't in a fixed place but he can be in whichever place within the area served by the IP intercom system, it is preferable to use a different strategy to address the call by means of a Ring IP Intercom System.

Each IP intercom over LAN is identified unambiguously by its IP address and each IP intercom can operate directly by means of the Ethernet network, therefore in order to make a selective call you must link each button (or each code of the numeric keypad) to the IP address corresponding to the IP intercom with which you want to communicate when you push the button or you compose the code.


This very simple way to carry out the communication is possible because the IP intercoms that ERMES produces have two basic features: they use a Peer To Peer protocol and they drive directly the LAN without interfaces or any intermediate device.

The call and subsequent conversation is managed by the two intercoms directly, without the need of interfaces, servers or any other type of management and supervision units.

There are no special limits on the number of simultaneous conversations that you can make because the communication is controlled directly by the couple of IP intercoms involved in the call without the intervention of any remaining intercom installed in the system the only possible limitation is the availability of bandwidth on the LAN, but, whereas each active conversation requires only 17 Kbit, this limit is only hypothetical.

The selective IP intercom systems over LAN are made by stand-alone IP intercoms that interface themselves to the network directly and that they supervise the connections on the basis of the information stored on themselves, therefore, these systems offer several advantages:

  • the simplicity and the costs reduction on the planning and the installation the system
  • the simplicity of maintenance both of the IP intercom and of the entire system (i.e. to add apparatuses, to change the call structure)
  • the high reliability of the system because the out of order of an IP intercom does not affects the efficiency of the remaining system

Several features enhance the possibility of operating the system, the main ones are:

  • the possibility to create a list of pending calls if you are receiving more calls simultaneously (this is possible only on workstations with LCD display)
  • the possibility to make general or group announcements on the loudspeakers of the other IP intercoms that are installed on the system
  • the possibility, if the required intercom is busy, to automatically divert the call to another IP intercom
  • the possibility to control the relays available on each intercom on the basis of programmable criteria in order to activate external auxiliary devices
  • the possibility to supervise, by means of the intercoms with keyboard and display, all the IP intercoms that are installed on the system and the ability to generate an alarm due to lack of connection or when the IP intercoms that are installed on the system detect an incorrect functioning by means of the self-test feature.

The VOIP technique allows you to create a system of IP intercoms that can work on an existing LAN, without lay out complex and expensive cable networks devoted exclusively to this service by saving costs and readiness of installation.
In fact, thanks to the IP address that uniquely identifies each selective IP intercom over the LAN, the IP intercoms can coexist with other systems dedicated to different services; moreover this technique allows you at any time to expand the system by simply adding on the LAN a new selective IP intercom Over IP with a new IP address.

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