IP intercom
IP intercom

Emergency call box Over IP

Audio and audio/video emergency call units over LAN that use the IP protocol to control the system and to transfer the audio and the video

CityHELP is a family of emergency call pillars Over IP lets to make an emergency calls by using only the LAN for the connection of the apparatuses and that includes versions both that perform audio communications both that perform the audio/video communications.
These emergency call boxes allow a user in trouble to get in touch in a simple, fast and efficient way with the staff of a control room that can handle the emergency calls in a timely manner in order to provide the assistance you need.
These IP emergency call units can have up to 3 call buttons and consequently, when an emergency occurs, they can contact one or more emergency control rooms according with the type of help that is necessary; usually the control rooms are installed in the Police Station, in the First Aid Center or similar.

These emergency call units are suitable to be installed in high-traffic areas where is present an high number of people and that, consequently, are very critical regarding the point of view of safety; similar places are squares, streets, parks, railway stations, subway stations, bus stops, sports facilities, university campuses, highways, extra-urban roads and in all those circumstance where the presence of an emergency call box constitutes a deterrent as well as a concrete aid.

The emergency call boxes use only the LAN as transmission media; each emergency call pillar is an independent and self-sufficient terminal that connects directly to the LAN by means of a RJ45 connector and that does not require any type of interface.

Moreover, the emergency call unit manages directly the connection between the apparatuses and with the central receiver of the control room without the need of server or other types of central unit: in fact, all the apparatuses are IP native and use a P2P protocol. CityHELP does not need an exclusive LAN but it can use an existing LAN that it can share with other equipment.

Thanks to the LAN, you can expand the system in any moment simply by adding new emergency call units with new IP addresses.
The emergency talk between the user and the operator take place in hands-free mode and with excellent quality even with high sound level; in fact, the advanced digital technology allowed us to obtain very reliable echo-cancelling filter as well as the anti-Larsen.

When the call unit is in the version that has a built-in CCTV camera, the operator of the control room, thanks to the transmission of images, can more easily determine the causes that caused the call.
Emergency calls made by means of these units can be recorded on the hard disk of the central control room in order to document the talk between the operator and the user

Each emergency call unit can have up two call group arranged at different heights so as to facilitate the use of the emergency call pillar to the disabled who use a wheelchair.
These emergency call pillars can be easily adapted to the needs that occur in highway systems, train stations, subway stations, sports facilities, shopping centers or in urban areas. We can supply these emergency call boxes according with your requirements: you can have the emergency call unit with audio only, powered by solar cells, with GSM connection or in many additional different versions.

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