stainless steel cctv camera housing
stainless steel camera housing

Stainless steel camera housing in AISI 316L for marine cctv housing or stainless steel CCTV camera housing

Stainless steel CCTV camera housings entirely made in AISI 316L suitable to be used in marine areas, offshore platforms, chemical factories, tunnels and corrosive environments

KUFU MARINE is a stainless steel camera housing entirely made out in AISI 316L: the body, the sunshield, the joint and the bracket. These stainless steel camera housings are highly suitable to be used in chemical factory, marine areas, tunnels and in presence of acid pollution when the AISI 316L stainless steel ensures maximum protection.

You can use this stainless steel CCTV camera housing in all CCTV system where you need a sturdy construction, that cannot be obtained with plastic housings, and a high resistance to the corrosion due to the environments that can cause a rapid deterioration of aluminum housings

As well as our aluminum housings these AISI 316L camera housings ensure the best protection from all weather conditions; KUFU MARINE is compliant with IP67 specification and consequently you can use it outdoor in chemical plant as well as in offshore installations or similar critical installation; it is an excellent solution for marine cctv housing.

The accurate design allows a speedy installation and the bracket has a slot for hanging the body of this stainless steel camera housing during the installation.
As option, we can supply these housings with wiper, washer, pole mount adapter and corner adapter; these accessories are made in stainless steel.

Usually we supply the housings as a "ready-to-use kit" that includes the housing, the heater, the sun-shield, the joint and the bracket but you can have each part separately if you prefer.
The heater is available in 12VDC, 24VAC, 110VAC or 230Vac.

KUFU MARINE is the best solution when you need stainless steel camera housings for marine environments on board of vessels or on offshore platforms, for railway and highway tunnels, for chemical works (HERE the leaflet)

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