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Who is ERMES ?

ERMES produces a complete range of communication systems Over IP with SIP or Peer-To-Peer protocols: intercoms, emergency call boxes, emergency call pillars, public address, paging.

Our mission

In the pantheon of ancient Greece, Hermes is the messenger of the gods and is represented as a young man holding the caduceus, the symbol of the messenger, in one hand, while he is running towards the new and the future, leaving the past behind.
Another attribute that identifies Hermes are the small wings on his sandals and hat, which are a symbol of quick thinking and speed in conveying messages and knowledge.

IP intercom

The combination of these elements effectively describes the mission of our company and is the reason why we wanted to call ourselves ERMES ELETTRONICA and why we wanted to include in our logo the stylisation of the small wings on the shoes of the god.

What we offer our customers

ERMES ELETTRONICA is an Italian company, leader in the development of audio communication systems based on the use of digital communication techniques that exploit both IP data networks and GSM/GPRS network and LTE/4G network to connect devices.
The payoff freedom to communicate summarises our raison d'ĂȘtre: to ensure the freedom to communicate anywhere and with anyone in a simple and reliable way.

ERMES designs and manufactures in Italy IP audio and audio/video equipment with which it is possible to create simple, rapid and flexible systems for:


public address

emergency call

road SOS on the way and in tunnels

Our Strengths

Today ERMES is a benchmark for the IP audio communication market in which it has introduced significant innovations such as the exclusive adoption of native IP equipment and the use of Peer-To-Peer communication techniques, which simplify system design, installation and maintenance.

Thanks to its complete range of equipment, ERMES is able to offer solutions for the most diverse needs, starting from those of security, industry and services.
For these systems ERMES, in addition to supplying the equipment it produces, is available to develop the complete system engineering, assisting its customers in the design of the specific installation and is therefore able to provide a complete supply in "ready to install" mode, leaving the customer the task of installing the equipment in the field.

These systems are very easy to install and do not require to lay cables for its specific use: in fact they use only the Ethernet LAN to connect the apparatuses. Moreover they can share the LAN with other systems because they are TCP/IP compliant and can work with SIP or Peer-To-Peer protocols.

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IP intercom


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IP intercom


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IP intercom

ERMES ELETTRONICA s.r.l. - Via Treviso, 36 - 31020 SAN VENDEMIANO - ITALY
Phone +39 0438 308470 - Fax +39 0438 492340 - email: ermes@ermes-cctv.com