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MICHELIN plant in Torino Stura

An intercom and public address system supporting a production line

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MICHELIN - Turin Stura Plant

The MICHELIN plant in Turin-Stura was set up in the early 1970s as a production facility, a function it still maintains today as it manufactures semi-finished products.
In 2020, a Distribution Logistics Centre was added to the production line.
The construction of the DLC was carried out with a focus on efficiency and modernity to enable faster processes to meet market demand and to further improve the quality of customer service.
When building the new logistics warehouse, particular attention was paid to improving sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Recently the need arose to install a new audio intercom and public address system in the production department to replace the previous analogue public address system which had until then been the only means of communication between staff.

This method of communication had the drawback of always using loudspeaker messages broadcast throughout the area even when, in reality, the communication concerned only the personnel of two of the stations installed along the production line.

The customer needed the new system to retain this functionality, which is useful for communicating with staff who by the nature of their duties do not need to be at a fixed workstation (e.g. maintenance staff), but at the same time to allow point-to-point communication in intercom mode between staff at two workstations to avoid the frequent disturbance caused by broadcasting announcements over all the loudspeakers.

industrial intercom

Intercom and public address unit

From a functional point of view, it was also required that the new system could make loudspeaker announcements not only in general call mode but also on partial areas of the department (e.g. only the maintenance workshop or only the outdoor areas).

Other customer requirements were:

that the system be installed quickly in order to minimise disruption during this phase, which had to be carried out without stopping production.

for the same reason, it was necessary that once the new system was installed, the time between the deactivation of the old system and the start-up of the new one should be minimal

it should be possible to simply change the operating mode of each individual workstation in order to adapt the system to changing work department needs over time

in order to be able to adapt the system to the changing operational needs of the production department, it also had to be possible to integrate the system with new units over time without this having to involve modifications, additions or replacement of what had already been installed

To meet these requirements in the best possible way, the customer decided to adopt ERMES' intercom and public address integrated system, and in particular the choice fell on the InterLAN series of industrial intercoms in their version that includes a 40W audio amplifier capable of driving one or more external horns loudspeakers that can perform the dual function of hands-free intercom and public address unit (HERE for more information on industrial IP intercoms).

In order to cover areas where an intercom cannot be installed (e.g. outdoor areas), SoundLAN series amplified gateways are used. These gateways integrate perfectly with the industrial Intercoms of the InterLAN family as they are operated with the same communication protocol (more information on the IP public address system can be found HERE)..

interfono industriale

Main control console

Ultimately, the features that made the customer choose this solution are:

IP addressing of equipment allowing simple configuration of calls between intercoms and definition of broadcast zones

use of the Peer-To-Peer communication protocol which, in addition to guaranteeing high reliability, places no limits on the possibility of expanding the system without compromising the investments already made

possibility of configuring each individual button on the equipment both to make an intercom call and to activate sound diffusion in a specific area, ensuring maximum flexibility of use.

the ability to configure and diagnose the system entirely remotely

the possibility of reporting activities on the network in order to simplify maintenance operations

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