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Audio broadcasting in the city

IP-based audio system with POE horn speakers for broadcasting information, background music and emergency announcements in urban areas

The following is an overview of a public address system, based on the use of our POE horns, recently installed in the municipality of Monteverde, a small village in the upper Irpinia region on the border with Puglia and Basilicata, whose urban area is spread over three hills between the Osento stream and the Ofanto river. Monteverde is one of 'I borghi piĆ¹ belli d'Italia' (Italy's most beautiful villages), a club that brings together small Italian towns of outstanding artistic and historical interest.

town public address emergency system

Panoramic view of the municipality of Monteverde

The municipal administration has for some time now decided to invest in the inclusion of people with disabilities, and to this end has implemented a series of play and recreational actions with the aim of building a culture of disability capable of enhancing the skills of each individual person.

Moreover, in order to make the area accessible to people with disabilities, the municipal administration has carried out a series of structural improvements to allow people with all forms of disabilities to move around independently, creating routes suitable for people with impaired mobility, hearing and sight.
This project, which has been baptised "An accessible village", has involved the various stakeholders from the outset with undoubted success, so much so that in 2018 Monteverde was declared "Europe's most accessible village" and in 2019 awarded the European Community's Access City Award.

An infrastructure with 5 km of optical fibre, 30 active control units, 82 Access Points managed by Access Point Controllers for 4 wifi SSIDs and a data processing centre that makes the information available through about 8000 wireless information points scattered throughout the territory has been set up.
In particular, a specific data acquisition/processing system was developed for tactile/plantar paths (loges-vettel-evolution), which allows the visually disabled to move around independently.
The communication infrastructure has also made it possible to provide connectivity and an efficient communication system for areas of the municipality not covered by telephone.

ermes elettronica

As part of this project, the need to install a public address system in the city area was highlighted in order to achieve the twofold aim of disseminating emergency alerts in a widespread and timely manner and at the same time supporting the numerous events organised by the administration by broadcasting music and announcements.

The widespread WiFi infrastructure within the municipal area led to the choice of the technical solution to be adopted for the public address system being an IP solution, as it is simpler and enables rapid implementation, low installation costs and easy management of the system.
A total of 40 POE horn loudspeakers from the SoundLAN range produced by ERMES were positioned in the city area. Due to their specific characteristics of high sound pressure, ease of use and reliability, they were identified as the ideal solution for this type of application.

POE horn loudspeakers

These loudspeakers have the possibility of storing messages directly on board each of them, which can be broadcast automatically or at the operator's command to coincide with particular events. They are also characterised by a high quality of sound reproduction as the audio signal is sampled at 32KHz and can therefore reproduce music as well as speech in an optimal manner.

ermes elettronica

On the occasion of the final test, the customer and DDL were able to confirm the uniformity of the sound pressure along all the paths at different distances from the loudspeakers and the ease of use of the management software that allows, remotely, the complete configuration of each horn loudspeaker and the intuitive use of the system that allows the diffusion of web radio, playlists and live messages.
The zoning of the system and the possibility of broadcasting different audio channels for each zone made it possible to optimally manage the sound of the different areas of the city, allowing the system to be used for multiple events while fully achieving the specific characteristics required by the project.

This implementation represents another success of the entirely Made in Italy technology developed by ERMES for audio systems over IP for intercom, public address and emergency calls (find documentation on POE speakers HERE).

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