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IP intercom, VoIP Intercom, SIP intercom

IP intercom, VoIP Intercom and SIP intercom suitable to be installed in offices, commercial facilities, hospitals, car parks, sports facilities, industrial plants, oil & gas

The use of the IP Intercoms for audio communication systems is the state-of-the-art solution; these systems are reliable and easy to use, whether you need an industrial intercom system or an intercom system for security purposes in confined areas or wide geographical areas.

VoIP intercom

The IP intercoms that ERMES produces are available in a wide range of versions suitable to be installed in areas with the most different environmental conditions; therefore they are the optimal solution to solve the communication problems for the security intercom systems or the industrial intercom systems.

Moreover, this family of IP intercoms offers specific solutions for the emergency call intercoms, health care intercoms, railways and metro intercoms, Oil & Gas intercoms.

The IP intercom that ERMES produces is very easy to install because this family of IP intercoms needs only a LAN, a WAN or any data network that supports the ETHERNET standard in order to connect the VoIP intercom and to transmit the voice as well as the data that control the system.

When a LAN is present in the area where you wish to install a any type of communication system (VoIP intercom, IP public address, IP emergency call) or if you planned to install this type of network, the use of an IP intercom system is the easiest and more inexpensive solution that you can adopt.
The IP intercom produced by ERMES has two main characteristics:

  • they are IP native, therefore they do not need interfaces to be connected to the LAN
  • they use a P2P protocol therefore they do not need the presence of a server or other central units in order to set a connection with another intercom because it can make the connection directly, without the intervention of a server or any other central unit

The direct connection of the IP intercom to the LAN and the use of the P2P protocol allows to obtain highly reliable systems because, thanks to the absence of the server, there are not apparatuses that can stop the functioning of the entire system in case of fault as can happen with systems based on a master-slave protocol, like happens when you use a SIP intercom. Nevertheless, when it is required for special purposes, ERMES can supply systems that use the SIP intercom (HERE for the differences between SIP intercom and P2P intercom).

ERMES produces its IP intercoms in a wide range of versions that cover all the needs that usually you can encounter when you wish to install an IP communication system. We grouped all our intercoms according with their preferable use: the general purpose intercoms and the industrial intercoms but you can mix the IP intercom of both groups freely because all use the same protocol and therefore are fully compatible. Moreover ERMES produces a third group of intercoms specifically developed to be used in special areas like the IP intercom for the cells of the prisons or the IP intercom for the surgery rooms in the hospitals.

Parking lots, schools, hospitals, airports, railway stations, prisons, correctional facilities, industrial plants (i.e. rolling mills, glass factories, oil & gas plants) and all places where an Ethernet LAN is usually available are the ideal circumstances where the IP intercom offers a solution that allows to communicate with rapidity and reliability between users that cannot use a standard telephone because the criticality of the service required can be satisfied only by an IP intercom .

By using the IP intercoms and the P2P protocol you can use an existing LAN without to lay a complex and expensive cables system, as happens for the analog intercoms, because you can share the LAN used for the VoIP intercom with other systems, even if you are installing an industrial intercom system or a securit intercom system; ultimately you can install these IP intercoms on an existing LAN, sharing it with any other IP apparatus or software.

In addition, the use of an IP intercom ith the P2P protocol allows to expand easily the intercom system in any moment simply by installing new IP intercoms with a different IP addressees on the LAN. The solution offered by the IP intercom makes easy the installation and the servicing of an industrial intercom systems or a security intercom systems.

You can have many types of different IP intercom each suitable to be used in a specific system that allow to have an IP intercom for indoor or outdoor areas, for industrial plant as well as for offices moreover you can have IP intercom in stainless steel for hard environments as marine areas or for public areas where it is necessary to use anti-vandal apparatuses.
Finally all your communications needs for industrial intercom, even for general purpose intercom, can be solved with this IP intercom

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IP intercom, VoIP Intercom, SIP intercom