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IP Intercom suitable for offices, commercial facilities, hospitals, car parks, sports facilities, industrial plants, critical infrastructures

IP Intercoms represents the state of the art in audio communication systems; this technology allows for reliable, user-friendly, easy-to-install systems that preserve the value of the investment over time because they can be easily expanded or modified.


The use of VoIP techniques to implement intercom systems allows installations in areas of any size, both local and geographical, eliminating the distance limitation of analogue audio systems.
In addition, IP Intercom systems do not require expensive cable networks dedicated exclusively to intercom connections, as required by analogue systems, but can use any data network shared with other systems without the risk of mutual interference, thus reducing costs and speeding up installation.

ERMES IP Intercoms connect directly to the data network and handle calls using P2P communication techniques. They do not require a server on which to install software or any other kind of central unit to manage the system, ensuring quality audio and a high standard of reliability.

They can also make use of LTE/4G connections and photovoltaic panel power supply, allowing installations to be set up even in the absence of any infrastructure at the point of installation.

Thanks to its wide range of versions, this IP Intercom is suitable for use in industry (rolling mills, glassworks, petrochemical industry, power stations), transport (car parks, airports, ports, subways, railways) or services (shopping centres, sports facilities, university campuses) and wherever fast and reliable communication is required.

Wall-mounted IP Intercoms for general use

The IP Intercoms for general use are available in surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions. Surface-mounted Intercoms are available with 1, 4 or 8 call buttons, while flush-mounted Intercoms are available with 1 or 3 buttons; in both versions, each button is associated with a signalling LED and a tag holder.

Each button can be freely programmed to make a call to another intercom, to broadcast audio in public address mode, to activate relays or for other special functions. Both versions can be powered in POE or in DC between 12 and 24 volts.
(More information on wall-mounted IP intercoms for general use HERE)

Desktop IP Intercoms

Office IP Intercoms are available in a table-top version with a plastic housing and can be equipped with either a numerical combination keypad with LCD display or direct call buttons.

Both versions can use either a microphone and loudspeaker for hands-free use or a telephone handset, which allows greater privacy and facilitates listening in noisy environments.

The gooseneck microphone version can also be used as a microphone console in public address systems, allowing both intercom and announcement systems to be controlled from a single device.
(More information on Desktop IP Intercoms HERE)

Industrial IP Intercoms

The IP Intercoms of the Industrial series are characterised by their mechanical sturdiness, which makes them suitable for use in harsh operating conditions.

These Intercoms are available in both wall-mounted (hands-free or handset) and table-top versions; wall-mounted Intercoms can also be equipped with an amplifier to drive an external loudspeaker, which allows for the implementation of a public address system in the area surrounding the installation point.

In hands-free operation, they have high speaker power and excellent sound quality thanks to the filters for automatic adjustment of microphone sensitivity, ambient noise suppression, echo cancellation and anti-Larsen that are implemented in the software. (More information on industrial IP Intercoms HERE)

Special Purpose IP Intercoms

IP Intercoms are also available in special purpose versions such as for emergency calls, for use in prison cells or for installation in operating theatres and sterile environments.

Intercom for safe areas

It is an IP intercom with Help Point functions to be installed in 'safe areas' so that people sheltered there can call for help at the supervised location during evacuation.

Prison cell intercom


This is a very sturdy intercom in IP made with vandal resistant design that has special tamper protection for use in prison cells and police stations.

Clean rooms intercom


It is an IP intercom for operating theatres and clean rooms that lends itself to easy cleaning with the detergents and disinfectants usually used in these areas.

(More information on special use IP Intercoms HERE)

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IP intercom, VoIP Intercom, SIP intercom