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IP Audio Amplifiers for public address systems

IP audio gateways with built power amplifiers with a 100VL output for IP public address system

SoundLAN-E.UP devices are a family of IP amplified audio gateways that form the heart of the IP public address system produced by ERMES. They are available with power ratings of 80W, 160W, or 320W and interface directly to the data network to provide an audio output for 100V lines capable of driving one or more loudspeakers.

SoundLAN is an IP public address system based on native IP devices that use a Peer-To-Peer communication protocol and connect directly to the ETHERNET network.

Thanks to the use of LAN for the interconnection of all elements, it is possible to implement Public Address and Paging systems in a simple and economical way, especially in those cases where the considerable distances involved make it expensive and sometimes impossible to implement traditional analog systems.

The SoundLAN system, in fact, overturns the traditional system layout of analogue sound diffusion systems that provide for the installation of amplification equipment in a single centralized cabinet from which the 100V lines that feed the loudspeakers installed in each zone to be sonorized depart, to pass to a solution that provides for the installation in each zone of an audio gateway (amplifier in IP) that receives from the data network the audio stream to be reproduced and on whose output are connected the loudspeakers of the zone.

Such a solution has multiple advantages:

if the area where you want to install the public address system already has a data network there is very little work work to install it because the IP public address system can share the existing data network with any other system already installed saving time and costs on installation

since the audio signal is transmitted in digital way there are no limits to the distance that the transmission of the audio can cover and therefore it is possible to implement systems in geographical area too by transmitting audio streams even through the public data network

if necessary, it is possible to modify in a very simple way the structure of the system either by adding new playback units or by adding new microphone consoles without the need to modify the existing system and thus saving the previous investments.

the quality of the audio signal is always high and without any kind of degradation regardless of the distances that need to be covered

since the transmission protocol and the coding system for audio that ERMES uses for the public address systems is the same as that used for intercom and emergency call systems, it is easy to create systems in which, for example, a single amplified gateway make both the function of intercom and the function of IP audio amplifier (see HERE a case history).

The system shown in the block diagram can be controlled from a simple desktop console such as the InterLAN-EO.PPM, but in the case of complex systems with a large number of areas, it may be easier to use the SoundLAN.SW software installed on a PC that allows you to manage a wider range of functions.

Some of the functions implemented by means of this software are the automatic broadcasting of announcements in different zones on the basis of a timetable, the broadcasting of background music, WebRadio playback and other similar functions.

All in all, SoundLAN IP audio amplifiers, together with the other devices in the family, make it easy to set up IP-based public address and paging systems (download documentation HERE).

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