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IP intercom

IP Audio Amplifiers for public address systems

The IP sound system of ERMES include an IP audio gateway that has a built in amplifier with a 100VL output; this IP amplifier is available in three different versions with output power of 80, 160 and 320W

The SoundLAN-E.UP is the core of the SoundLAN audio distribution system Over IP, these IP audio amplifiers have an output power stage for 100VL.

This system is entirely based on native IP devices that connect directly to the Ethernet network and which, thanks to the use of the LAN for wiring of all devices, allow the creation of public address systems and paging systems in a simple way especially in those cases where the considerable distances involved make it expensive and some times impossible the realization of a traditional analog system.

The SoundLAN-E.UP gateway, in addition to transforming the audio stream received from a data network into an audio signal suitable for driving the speakers connected on a 100 V line, is equipped with auxiliary I / O that extend the use of the gateway with some interesting additional functions.

One of these additional function consist in the availability of a 0dB audio input which allows you to connect an analog signal, for example that of a microphone, so that you will have a local amplification system to be used, according to need, in alternative to the general system for the background music and public address.

Another way to extend the use of the SoundLAN gateway is to connect a group consisting of a call button, a microphone and a speaker to the gateway in order to implement an emergency call station that you can use when it is necessary to install this function in the same areas covered by the general sound system for the diffusion of the background music and of the announcements.

Thanks to this auxiliary functions, this audio gateway Over IP can be easily used in the securing of complex structures such as large hotels or convention centers where you can install jointly with a general audio system for the announcements and the background music also a local amplification system for a conference room as well as an emergency call systems in car parks or in the realization of safe spaces.

The system shown in the block diagram can be controlled by a simple desk console like the InterLAN-EO.PPM represented here at the side but, in the case of very complex systems with a high number of areas, it may be easier to use a special software that must be installed on a PC.

To complete the system they are also available of the suitable apparatuses for the connection of external music sources (CD, TUNER, MP3 or the like) for the generation of the background music as well as units able to manage pre-recorded messages that can be reproduced automatically or on the basis of programmable criteria.

Ultimately the audio amplifier Over IP SoundLAN-E.UP together with other devices in your family SoundLAN allow easy configuration of IP sound systems for Public Address and paging. (HERE the leaflet)

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