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IP microphone for public address

IP microphone console suitable for use as a main station in public address systems installed in offices, commercial and industrial areas

For the broadcasting of live announcements, the SoundLAN system has two desktop IP microphone consoles, both equipped with a gooseneck microphone that can be enabled by a pair of buttons: the first one is momentary and must be held down for as long as the microphone is being used, while the second one is bistable and, once pressed, keeps the microphone enabled until it is released.

The first console (SoundLAN-E.CM) has no additional control buttons and is therefore suitable for systems with a single broadcasting zone, while the second (SoundLAN-E.12CM) has 12 programmable buttons, each of which can be configured to select one of the zones into which the system has been divided and on which announcements will be made. A further button enables announcements to be broadcast to all zones simultaneously (General Call).

When using the 12-button IP microphone console, it is also possible to expand the number of controlled public address zones by using one or more expansion consoles (InterLAN-EO.E), each with 12 programmable buttons.

Of course, there may be several microphone consoles in an IP system, each of which may make announcements on all or part of the system depending on the configuration of the sound zone selection buttons, each of which may include:

a single amplified gateway or a single POE speaker

a group of amplified gateways and/or POE speakers

all amplified gateways and/or POE speakers (General Call)

These IP microphone consoles connect directly to the data network with a single cable that connects to an RJ45 socket that also supports POE power; if the network switch used does not have this feature, the microphone console can be powered with a 24V continuous voltage. (Documentation HERE).

The use of IP intercoms as microphone consoles in IP
IP Intercoms, because the Peer-To-Peer protocol used in IP Public Address systems is the same as that used in Intercom systems, can actually be used as microphone consoles for the SoundLAN system.
This is usually the case for table-top intercoms which are normally used at the main operator stations but there is no reason why one of the buttons on any intercom cannot be used to enable the public address function using that intercom as a microphone console (Documentation HERE).

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