IP intercom
IP intercom

IP microphone console for public address systems

IP microphone console suitable to be used as main control station for public address systems for offices, commercial environments and industrial environments

These IP Consoles described below are the same as used as main stations in the intercom systems, however, since the Peer-To-Peer protocol used in the IP public address systems is the same used by intercom systems, these apparatuses may be used as IP microphone consoles in the SoundLAN systems.

This console is available in three different variations: with handset, with gooseneck microphone and for hands free operation; it is the most used as IP microphone console in the public address systems.

The simple and functional shape combined with its great sturdiness allows you to install these IP desk microphone it in all types of premises whether they are intended for commercial, residential or industrial use; these consoles can be placed on desk or they can be fastened on wall.

In sound systems you can use these units as IP microphone console that is able to connect directly the IP audio amplifiers of the SoundLAN family in order to allows the live diffusion of the announcements; for this purpose the version with gooseneck microphone it is of more immediate use.

The the announcements can be directed to a single gateway, to a group of apparatuses or to all those installed (General announcement). The selection of the area on which to disseminate the sound and the control of all other functions takes place by means of a numeric keypad, 4 function keys and an LCD display.
For the connection of the network cable these consoles have an RJ45 jack which also manages the POE. (HERE the leaflet).

InterLAN-EI.8P-F - InterLAN-EI.16P-T

These IP microphone consoles, that are based on programmable buttons which can be set for the direct selection of the audio diffusion zones, are specially useful in all cases in which the environment conditions require an apparatus of great sturdiness.

They are available with 8 or 16 buttons and in two different versions: the first with a gooseneck microphone, suitable for hands-free calls, and another in a variation with handset suitable for use in noisy environments.

In order to be installed into the industrial pulpits these consoles are also available for flush mount in variations with 5, 10 or 16 buttons; in both versions, for desk or for flush mount, every button has a signaling LED and a label for the description of the area that will be call by the button.
(HERE the leaflet).

The IP microphone consoles with metallic enclosure are also available in a variation characterized by the presence of a numeric keypad, of four functional buttons and of a LCD display.

These consoles are the control instruments by which you select the area that you wish to connect in order to broadcast the sound and to manage other functions.

These IP microphone consoles manage the audio diffusion systems by means of a numeric keyboard, four functioning keys, a LCD display and a speaker; the announcements may be made by a gooseneck microphone or by a handset.

With these console Over IP you can connect only one IP amplifier, groups of IP amplifiers as well as all the IP amplifiers installed in the system in order to broadcast the announcements in only one area, in a group of areas or in the entire system.
(HERE the leaflet).

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