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POE horn speaker, POE speaker, IP speaker

The IP speaker is availanle as POE horn speaker, POE ceiling speaker, POE wall speaker for IP public address systems suitable to be used in offices, commercial areas, hospitals and industrial environments

The POE speaker is available as POE horn speaker, POE ceiling speaker or as POE wall speaker; the use of an IP speaker is the simplest way to install a public address system in areas where an Ethernet network is already available.

Simplicity, efficiency, adaptability are the main characteristics of the POE speaker that ERMES produces; the IP speaker is fully compatible with the other apparatuses of the SounLAN public address system over IP.
Each POE speaker has built-in a class D amplifier with 10W which ensures high efficiency and low heat dissipation, making this IP sepaker suitable to be used in hard environment conditions.

The IP speaker uses the Peer-To-Peer protocol and maintains the compatibility with all the apparatuses currently produced by ERMES so that it is possible its use for the expansion of the existing systems.

The P2P protocol of the IP speaker, thanks to the absence of the server or other central units, offers high system reliability in how much there are not the server or other main units that in case of fault can stop completely the functioning of the IP speaker: the POE horn speaker is part of a distributed intelligence system where each IP speaker, amplified gateway, microphone console or other apparatus manages directly the connection to the network while in the most part of the systems available today the intelligence is present only in the central unit.

The adoption of a POE speaker solution allows a very simple connection of each IP speaker with only one cable; furthermore, you can use the POE speaker in systems connected by copper cables, fibre glass cables or connected by WiFi or by GSM.

The POE horn speaker version of the IP speaker has IP66 connectors which allow the installation without the need to access the interior of the POE horn speaker: the fastening of the bracket to the wall and the connection of the network cable to the RJ45 plug are the only operations necessary for its installation; programming and adjustments, in fact, are done directly by the network via the browser.

The ability to work in talk-back mode and the ability to store on ithe IP speaker some messages that can be reproduced by the remote controlling or by the closure the specific inputs make this POE speaker easy to use, not only to make announcements, but even for carry out environmental listening or implement an emergency alert system.

The use of this POE horn speaker is the easiest, quickest and most economical way to equip with a public address point any area where an IP network is available; a POE horn speaker is a solution suitable to be used in the most disparate situations both in the industry, in the building security and in the commercial areas. (HERE the leaflet of the IP speaker).

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POE horn speaker, POE speaker, IP speaker