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IP Intercoms over data networks for intercom systems in business and commerce

IP Intercoms for offices, commercial facilities, hospitals, car parks, sports facilities

The IP Intercoms of the InterLAN-E family have a stainless steel body and glass-filled nylon covers; they have an IP55 degree of protection and are suitable for use indoors or outdoors, but not directly exposed to the rain, in all cases where simplicity and reliability of use must go hand in hand with simple, linear aesthetics.

The wall-mounted appliances have a rounded shape, characterised by the adoption of solutions for positioning the microphone and loudspeaker that avoid the presence of holes, slits, grills or fixing screws in view on the front.

Also these intercoms, like all the audio equipment produced by ERMES, are IP native and use only the data network to communicate with the other equipment of the system to which they connect directly without the need of interfaces, auxiliary management units or central units of any kind.
They use the same Peer-To-Peer communication protocol adopted also by the other IP devices produced by ERMES and therefore they can be used freely in association with those of the other families (e.g. sound diffusion devices) obtaining for each system the most suitable composition for the specific needs.

The surface-mounted versions have one, four or eight individually programmable pushbuttons, each of which is associated with a tag holder, useful for identifying the pushbutton, and a signalling LED; wall-mounted versions with one or three buttons are also available.

Both versions ensure quality hands-free conversation thanks to the use of anti-Larsen filters and echo cancellation adopted in the software, which ensure quality audio even in very noisy environments and at high playing volumes.

In addition to talking, the loudspeaker is used to play call tones and general or group announcements when the system is used in public address mode. To enable optimum use in the two different situations, different sound volumes can be set on the loudspeaker to ensure the most favourable listening conditions.

The function assigned to each intercom button is set during the initial configuration of the intercom and it is possible to. freely assign a specific function to each button according to actual needs.

For example, each button can be configured as a call button or a loudspeaker activation button, or to control relays that are available on intercoms or with auxiliary I/O units.

A self-diagnostic function is implemented on the equipment which, in addition to monitoring the efficiency of the network connection, diagnoses the correct operation of each equipment including the efficiency of the microphone and loudspeaker of each intercom, signalling any anomaly with an alarm to the central control post.

An RJ45 socket is available for the data network connection, which also supports POE power supply. If no POE switch is available, it is also possible to power the device with a DC voltage between 10.5 and 35 VDC.
For wall-mounted installation, it is advisable to use a flush-mounted box type Ticino 504E for connecting the cables, a solution that simplifies and speeds up installation operations.
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