IP intercom
IP intercom

IP Intercom, ATEX intercom, industrial intercom over LAN

Intercoms Over IP suitable to be used for the installation of industrial intercom systems also in special environment as the ATEX areas or the corrosive areas

Each IP intercom uses digital techniques to transfer both the audio signals and the control data over a LAN or WAN by using VOIP techniques. The IP communication systems offered by ERMES are P2P systems that use exclusively stand-alone intercoms that you can connect directly to the LAN and that can work without the presence of a server or other central management unit: they aren't master-slave systems!
The direct connection to the LAN and the use of the P2P protool allows to obtain highly reliable systems because, thanks to the absence of the server, there are not apparatuses that can stop the functioning of the entire system in case of fault as can happen with system based on a master-slave protocol, like the SIP. Nevertheless, when it is required for special purposes, ERMES can supply systems with SIP protocol (Click HERE for the differences between SIP and P2P protocol).

This solution allows you to achieve, easily and quickly, communication systems Over IP both if you need to install few IP intercoms as well as if you need a large number of apparatuses: it is enough to have a standard ETHERNET even if it you need an ATEX intercom.
When a LAN is present in the area where you wish to install a communication system (intercom, public address, emergency call) or if you planned to install this type of network, the use of the apparatuses Over IP is the easiest and more inexpensive solution.
Each IP intercom of this family can work on any type of LAN or WAN network independently of how it is made (copper, fibre optic, wireless or other) and, thanks to the flexibility of the firmware implemented on it, these intercoms allow to operate in two different way: as selective intercom systems or as ring intercom systems.

The IP intercoms of the industrial series diversify themselves for the number of buttons, for the operating mode (by hands-free or by handset), for the presence or less of an amplifier suitable to control an external loudspeaker.

The audio of each IP intercom has exceptionally high quality and it is free of undesirable effects like the larsen or the echo thanks to the relevant filters developed in the software, moreover each IP intercom includes a voice synthesis circuit that assists the user with some pre-recorded messages while he is using the intercom .
The IP industrial intercoms can be powered in POE or with an external DC voltage between 12 and 24 volts except the intercoms that include an audio power amplifier for an external loudspeaker that require to be powered with 24 volts.

InterLAN.4P - InterLAN.8P
These IP intercoms are the most used apparatuses in the industrial intercom systems.

They are supplied in version for surface-mounting and they can have four or eight programmable buttons; moreover on the front panel you can find a loudspeaker and a microphone that allows to use these IP intercom in hand-free mode.

The IP intercom can be made in die casting aluminum, in polyester added with fibre glass or in stainless steel AISI 316L suitable to be used in marine areas or corrosive environments.


This IP intercoms doesn't have on the front panel the loudspeaker that reproduce the call ring tones and the announcements but it includes a power audio amplifier suitable to drive an external horn and therefore it is preferably used in areas with very high noise

The IP intercom can be made in die casting aluminum, in polyester added with fibre glass or in stainless steel AISI 316L suitable to be used in marine areas or corrosive environments.


Also these IP intercoms have on the front panel the buttons, the loudspeaker and the microphone but, in addition, they have an handset that allows to have a clear talk even in highly noisy areas.
The loudspeaker is used to reproduce the call ring tones and the announcements while the handset is used for the talks between the users.
The IP intercom can be made in die casting aluminum, in polyester added with fibre glass or in stainless steel AISI 316L.


These is hand-free industrial IP intercoms are suitable to be used in explosion proof areas.

The IP intercom has the Atex II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T5 certification.

This IP intercom has 4 or 8 buttons, a loudspeaker and microphone therefore it is suitable to work in the IP selective intercom systems as well as in the IP public address systems

InterLAN.PP - InterLAN.PPC - InterLAN.16PP

The range of the IP intercoms includes some desk intercoms that usually are used as main intercom in systems that have many peripheral intercoms. They differentiate themselves for the number of buttons and for the presence or less of the handset.

Each intercom of this group has a sturdy metallic box specially suitable to be used in industrial areas and when a special sturdiness is required.

If your system includes a up to 16 intercom may be convenient to use the desk IP intercom with 16 buttons each of them call can call directly another intercom of the system, while if you have more intercoms in your system you must use the version that hash a numerical keypad, some functional keys and a display LCD to control the call and the other functions. Moreover the intercoms with the LCD display manages the waiting calls, the lost calls and can monitor both the self-diagnosis made by each remote intercom and the connection to the LAN.

These IP intercoms are available both in a version with gooseneck microphone that allows to have a talk in hand-free mode or in a version with handset. In both the versions a loudspeaker reproduces the call alert, the group announcements and the general announcements.

You can use this industrial intercom in areas like stainless steel plants, Oil and Gas installations, chemical plants and in general in all areas where you need high reliability and high sturdiness on installing IP intercom systems and industrial intercom systems. (Click HERE for the leaflet of the industrial IP intercom and ATEX intercom)

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