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PA system (Public Address) and Paging over IP

IP public address system and IP paging system that work on a standard ETHERNET network: an easy to install and a highly reliable solution for the IP public address systems

SoundLAN is the IP public address system developed by ERMES based on equipment that interfaces directly with the ETHERNET data network and uses a P2P communication protocol, using only this infrastructure to connect equipment together and to create IP public address systems and IP paging systems simply, quickly and with low installation costs.

This solution is particularly effective when the systems are developed over large areas that make it costly to implement traditional analogue systems which, unlike IP systems, require complex cable networks used exclusively by these systems.
In the case of the IP solution, on the other hand, the data network used by the public address system can be shared with any other system, even using an existing data network.
A typical example of these implementations are the sound diffusion systems installed in the stations of subways, railways, airports and public infrastructures in general. (Read more HERE).

The structure of an IP-based public address system based on SoundLAN equipment is very simple as it relies exclusively on native IP devices connected directly to the data network without the need for interfaces or intermediate units.
Furthermore, using a Peer-To-Peer protocol, the system does not require a server on which to install communications management software or a central unit of any other kind.

Each device in the system independently manages the connection to the data network and independently establishes the connection to any other device.
The schematic example shows that in the simplest case, the data network necessary for the operation of the SoundLAN sound diffusion system is a simple switch to which the IP devices that perform the various functions of the IP sound diffusion system are connected.

The equipment that makes up any IP public address system can be grouped into the following types of devices:

IP microphone consoles

other IP audio sources

IP amplified audio gateways with 100V line output

POE amplified speakers

loudspeakers for 100V audio lines

IP microphone consoles
The simplest element for managing a SounLAN-based public address system is the InterLAN-EO.PPM desktop console, which is equipped with a microphone, selection buttons, function buttons and a loudspeaker with a control monitor function.
This console allows messages to be addressed either to individual gateways, to groups of several gateways or to all gateways in the system (General Call).
This console also has an audio input for connection to external sound sources such as an external auxiliary microphone with floor stand.

Other IP audio sources
The SoundLAN system is then completed by accessory units with different types of functions, such as the possibility of managing pre-recorded messages on solid-state memories that will be broadcast automatically on the basis of programmable criteria, or of interfacing the sound system with external systems by closing contacts on the appropriate inputs.

IP amplified audio gateways

The heart of the SoundLAN system are the IP amplified gateways; these are units equipped with an audio amplifier with a power of up to 320W with a 100V line output that interface directly with the IP network and directly drive a line of loudspeakers to implement IP sound diffusion.

The IP audio gateways are made in outdoor containers complete with IP66 protection connectors that can be installed outdoors directly near the loudspeakers they are to drive.

POE amplified speakers
Sometimes, especially if a small room or area is to be soundproofed, the use of the audio gateway with power amplifiers can be disproportionate to the needs.

For these cases, horn, ceiling or wall-mounted loudspeakers are also available, which include both the audio amplifier and the LAN interface circuits, thus simplifying the creation of a sound point as much as possible.

Loudspeakers for 100V audio lines
For the implementation of public address lines, various types of loudspeakers are available for connection to the audio gateways. In particular, horn loudspeakers are available for outdoor installation in large areas, loudspeakers for installation in false ceilings, and wall-mounted loudspeakers for indoor use. Loudspeakers for use with audio gateways must be of the type with a transformer for 100V audio lines and are simply connected on a pair of wires.

All in all, SoundLAN system devices allow the easy implementation of IP-based sound diffusion systems based on the use of standalone devices capable of both manually managing and automating the functions of sound diffusion on the LAN, for making announcements (Public Address) and paging) (Download documentation HERE).

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