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Emergency call box IP and emergency call unit IP

Audio and audio/video emergency call unit IP that uses the IP protocol to control the system and to transfer the audio and the video

The audio and audio/video communication systems produced by ERMES include a range of SOS pillars in IP which, in the event of security and safety emergencies, make it possible to request help, quickly and easily, from the structures responsible for resolving these emergencies.

The SOS IP pillars, suitable for installation on both LANs and WANs, are the basic units in this family of devices, but versions are available that use GSM/GPRS networks or LTE/4G networks for connection to the central control room in the absence of a data network connection.

SOS emergency call centres allow a user in distress to contact a control room staff member easily, quickly and efficiently, where they can provide the assistance the user needs.

The emergency call units are intended to be installed in highly frequented areas with critical security issues such as city squares and streets, parks, railway stations, metro stations, bus stops, sports facilities, university campuses, motorways, suburban roads, and in all cases where the availability of an SOS column is a deterrent to those about to commit criminal acts as well as a concrete aid to call for help in case of need.

The control room is usually installed at the premises of the entity managing the infrastructure where the system is installed or directly at the police, health centres or municipality offices.

The talk between the user and the control room operator takes place hands-free with an excellent quality level, even at high sound volumes, thanks to the automatic adjustment of microphone sensitivity, background noise cancellation, echo cancellation and anti-LARSEN filters implemented on the SOS pillars.

In the versions that use the IP connection to the data network, each SOS emergency call unit is an autonomous terminal that interfaces directly with the data network used by means of the RJ45 connector on the help point without the need for adapters or other auxiliary units.
Both the SIP protocol and the P2P protocol developed by ERMES can be used to transmit data flows over the network. The P2P protocol has the advantage of not requiring a server on which to install management software or any other type of central unit, as each SOS pillar manages the connection and exchange of data with the other equipment installed in the system autonomously and independently.

Many options are available. The SOS units can use a VPN, the LTE/4G network or the GSM/GPRS network to connect to the control room and can have one or more call buttons for different services (emergency, information, ...) as well as an additional call station at a height suitable for wheelchair users.
In addition, the connection to the control station can be audio only or audio/video, and the installation can be wall or floor mounted; these and other available options allow the call unit to be adapted to any requirement.
In addition, versions with specialised fittings are available for use in specific situations such as:

SOS units for installing in refuge areas

SOS units for road use for installing in routes or in tunnels

(HERE you will find the presentation of the SOS pillars and HERE is the documentation).

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