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Emergency calls (SOS) for roads and tunnels

IP SOS units for roadside and IP SOS units for tunnel, also available also
with GSM/GPRS or with LTE/4G connection

The RouteHELP system is the ERMES IP roadside SOS pillar solution for roadside emergency calls which, in a different way than is usually the case, handles calls from both on-road SOS pillars and tunnel SOS cabinets as a unified system.

The RouteHELP system field units connect to the central control station via IP, but it is also possible to use GSM/GPRS or LTE/4G connection. In each installation, the different connection technologies can coexist and also be used in a mixed configuration, providing maximum flexibility to adapt to all the plant situations that may arise.

The SOS IP pillar can be powered by POE, 24V continuous or 230Vac and the equipment installed on the way, thanks to its low absorption, can be powered by a photovoltaic panel with a battery backup.

When it is necessary to revamp an existing SOS units installation and it is desired to maintain the mechanical structure of the help points (both the SOS IP pillar on the road and the SOS IP cabinets in the tunnel) the SOS units for emergency calls can be supplied in a flush-mounted version of the required size to fit the mechanical structures

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Unità RouteHELP

Each unit can be configured remotely via data link and is equipped with a sophisticated self-diagnostic system that allows full supervision of all functions, reporting the status of the individual SOS including battery charge level and photovoltaic panel efficiency back to the control centre.

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Engineering sistemi SOS

It is important to emphasise that ERMES, for these and all other systems that can be implemented with its equipment, in addition to the electronic units it produces, can also provide engineering for the complete system, including the project for the construction of the mechanical systems (in-transit columns or tunnel cabinets) or those for the data networks and for power supply system.

It is then up to the customer to decide whether to order these parts from ERMES in order to receive all the assemblies ready for installation in the field or to produce them themselves on the basis of the engineering provided.

The system provides for the installation at the central post of a server with the RWS software that supervises the field devices and is completed by one or more terminals with the RWS CLIENT software that, also with the aid of nested maps, display the status of the SOS units and allow the management of rescue requests.

The RWS server can also be equipped with a software module that manages the connection with third-party supervision systems, thus integrating the RouteHELP system with the standards most commonly used on the road network.

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