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SOS cabinets for road tunnels

SOS emergency call cabinets suitable for installation in road tunnels and motorwayse

ERMES produces a range of SOS Over IP units intended for installation inside road tunnels for the management of emergency calls. These units use only the data network, even shared with other systems, to connect to the Control Centre.

The SOS stations, in accordance with the European Directive 2004/54/EC, allow a user in difficulty to contact in a simple, fast and efficient way the staff of the Alarm Management Centre, local or remote, whose staff will be able to promptly take the most suitable measures to deal with the specific emergency, providing the most appropriate assistance the user needs.

The module of the SOS Stations for Road Tunnels consists of a flush-mounted Over IP unit designed to be inserted in stainless steel cabinets of various types which, depending on the characteristics of the tunnel, are divided into two or more sections, each suitable for housing fire extinguishers, a hydrant station, protection and control devices, any fibre-copper converters or other network interface equipment. This unit can have a variable number of call buttons, depending on which services you want to manage.

For special applications, the electronic module can be supplied as a wall-mounted unit with a corrosion-resistant, glass-filled polyester enclosure with IP66 protection rating.

Regardless of the mechanical solution adopted, the Help Point connects directly to the LAN network inside the tunnel and uses a P2P communication protocol for data and voice transmission.
This protocol, which does not require a server on which to install communications management software or any other type of central unit, ensures a high level of reliability at a system level that is significantly higher than that offered by similar systems with master/slave communications protocols that use a server.
The ERMES P2P protocol is a server-less protocol with distributed intelligence and not a master/slave protocol with intelligence concentrated in the central management unit.

Communication between the outside of the tunnel and the central control room can still take place over IP if a data network is available or, alternatively, the RouteHELP system can use a telephone gateway to forward rescue calls either in PSTN mode, SIP mode or via the GSM/PSTN network.

Another possible solution is to use a gateway in LTE/4G that allows the SOS units to communicate directly with the central control room in data mode by means of a VPN. These systems can be interfaced with third-party supervision software.

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