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EXPO 2015: ERMES installed the emergency call pillars and the public address

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To facilitate the entry and the way out of the visitors, the Site of the EXPO 2015 is served by two overhead footbridges, that connect it with the city of Milan.
The walkway connecting the Expo area with Cascina Merlata (project of a new residential area south of the exhibition site) has a length of about 350 meters and is primarily used as access way for the staff for and the visitors.
The walkway that connects Expo 2015 with the exhibition area of Milano, has an overall length of 500 meters and a width of 11 meters, and is reserved only for visitors.

The Problem
It seems evident that these two points are of major importance in the context of the general plan for the security of the EXPO since they are an obligatory transit from which the flow of visitors must pass before dispersing on the large area that hosts the event.

Therefore, for these areas was deemed necessary to supplement the traditional video surveillance systems with an emergency call system that would allow the visitors to connect themselves quickly, securely and reliably with an operator in the central place of safety management.

At the same time it was considered useful to give the possibility to the operators of the central place of safety management to interact with the visitors present in the area of the catwalks thanks to a system of public address that would allow, in case of need, to give specific instructions behavior.

The Solution
ERMES has contributed to the security of the EXPO with the provision of a system of emergency call pillars and a system of public address installed on the footbridge Expo-Fair (PEF) and the Expo-Merlata (PEM) are managed by the personnel of the security central room placed in via Drago.

The emergency call pillars are audio-video type and, in addition to the voice, they convey the image of the person who is requesting help so that the operator can better assess, thanks to the images, the urgency and the gravity of the request; moreover, each emergency call unit has two call stations, placed at different heights, to allow the easy use even for persons with reduced mobility who use wheelchairs.

Jointly with each emergency call pillar the system includes a public address system that can drive a pair of horns and that allows the operator to actively intervene in case of need both with the "live" announcements and with pre-recorded alerts, so that he can interact with the public in the most different situations.

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